The main character NFT, "John Smith," is a generative NFT featuring various outfits, hairstyles, and weapons. Initially, 10,000 Genesis NFTs will be minted, with one Genesis Gold NFT included for every ten minted. These NFTs will also be available through in-app purchases after the game release, but the Genesis and Genesis Gold editions will only be obtainable during the initial sale.

We are currently building a system to enable purchases using Polygon, Base, Blast, and credit cards for the initial sale.


Allows for merging two NFTs into one, creating new combinations of traits while retaining specific locked attributes.

MapContract (SMAP):

Records geographical coordinates and provides various on-chain functionalities. The SMAP NFT includes a thread feature, allowing users to pin special locations and create communication hubs.


Manages in-game items. When users acquire the same item multiple times, the NFT does not increase in number but instead updates the count within the NFT image.

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