Reasons for Choosing the Blast Chain

JohnSmithOnChain (JSOC) has selected the Blast chain to leverage cutting-edge blockchain technology. Launched in March 2024, Blast is a rapidly emerging blockchain that has already amassed a substantial Total Value Locked (TVL), demonstrating its growth potential. This chain was developed by the team behind Blur, a marketplace that surpassed OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, in 2022.

The Blur team is known for their deep understanding of user needs and their ability to deliver innovative solutions at the right time. Blast chain, in line with this reputation, offers highly attractive features for both users and developers.

One of the key attractions of the Blast chain is its "yield" feature, which allows users to earn yield simply by holding ETH on the chain. This provides a significant benefit to users by offering an efficient way to manage their assets.

Additionally, from a developer's perspective, the Blast chain excels with robust support and a developer-first approach. Recognizing these advantages, the JSOC team believes that Blast will continue to grow and sustain its development.

For these reasons, JohnSmithOnChain has chosen the Blast chain to deliver an innovative gaming experience.

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